How Does Self-Love Mirror Work Help You to Know Yourself?

What is Self-Love Mirror Work?

Have you ever been wondering why your life is not working or you have been having the same experiences over and over again?

If your answer is YES, I would like to tell you that your old story is blocking you from living your best life.

Tony Robbins says it right, “Change your story, Change your life.”

If you are willing to change your story, you are at the right place.

To change your old story, first, you need to know what that story is.

You might be thinking, “How to know what is my old story?” 

The answer is – Mirror work

What is Mirror Work?

I have learned mirror work from my coach Louise Hay when I have started my Self-Love journey a few years back.

Mirror work can do miracles in your life if you practice it regularly. It will help you:

  • To know what you think about yourself (for e.g I am not good enough, etc.).
  • To become aware of where you resist (for e.g change, applying for a job, etc) and where you are open, so that you can look at your thoughts and words and see where you need to make changes to let go of your old story and write your new story.

Steps to Mirror Work

Getting yourself a mirror and a notepad and doing the following:

  • Standing in front of the mirror
  • Looking into your own eyes
  • Saying positive affirmations to yourself out loud
  • Making a note of every thought you will have in your mind at the time of mirror exercise and replace them with positive ones.

What Is an Affirmation?

Every thought you think and every word you speak is an affirmation. All of your self-talk, your internal dialogue, is a stream of affirmations. You’re using affirmations every moment whether you know it or not. You’re affirming and creating your life experiences with every word and thought.

Louise Hay
What is an affirmation

If you really want to see changes in your life like Louise Hay, me, and millions of other people, you need to believe that affirmations work. If you don’t believe then they won’t work.

For e.g You are using an affirmation about Money like “I am abundant and prosperous.” but in your subconscious mind, you say to yourself, “No, I am not. Because I can’t even pay my PG bills”, or whatever your beliefs might be about money.

You’ll see it when you believe it.

Dr. Wayne Dyer

How Does Mirror Work Make a Difference in Your Life?

When you were born you accepted the way you were. But when you grew up, your parents, relatives, friends, your past experiences, teachers, bosses have instilled negative beliefs in your head. Unconsciously you started believing and living those beliefs and they became your identity.

Mirror work is a powerful tool to know all those negative beliefs you have about yourself and this world.

Once you become aware of your beliefs you can release them that you no longer need in your subconscious mind and replace them with new beliefs to manifest the life you are meant to live.

Things to Remember Before You Start Mirror Work

Things to remember before starting Mirror Work

When you will do the mirror work, you are going to experience different emotions such as anger (e.g you will break the mirror), frustration, sadness, resistance, guilt, fear, doubt, etc., and that is fine, it means your old story is going to unfold.

And It is not easy to face yourself and see what is there inside that you have been hiding for years and you didn’t notice though your inner self was whispering to you.

What Was the First Response When I Started Mirror Work?

In August 2016, I have started my Self-Love journey and this was the hardest decision I made for myself because I didn’t want to live my life in depression anymore.

My coach Louise Hay has told in her book “You can heal your life” about Self-Love Mirror exercises.

The First Self-Love Mirror Exercise

  1. Go in front of the mirror.
  2. Look into your own eyes.
  3. Say to yourself, “I love you. I really really love you.”
  4. Jot down every thought you have in your mind while you do the exercise. 
  5. Replace all negative beliefs with positive ones and repeat them over and over again until they leave your subconscious mind.

I couldn’t do the exercise and would cry I have never cried before. My mind would come up with all negative opinions of my parents, my friends, relatives, and other people about me to prove “Why I am not enough for my own love.”

Limiting patterns about myself
Image Credits:

Here is a list of a few:

  • You don’t have a body like a girl, you look flat.
  • You have broken teeth.
  • You don’t speak English well.
  • You always make mistakes.
  • No one likes you.
  • You always learn things slowly.
  • You are too emotional.
  • You are too lazy.

And the list went on and on.

It took me 6 months to accept myself and started my Self-Love Journey.

And Self-Love can’t be started until you Accept and Forgive yourself.

How Did Mirror Work Help Me to Know Myself?

My coach Louise Hay says, “The thoughts you think and the words you speak create your future.”

Mirror work helps you to know who you are.
Image Credits:

At first, Self-Love Mirror work was really hard for me. Every time I would look into my eyes, my mind would try so many tricks to stop me, “Why are you wasting your time? Nothing is going to change. Thoughts and words don’t create future.”

But gradually I realized that whatever experience I was having in every area of my life, was the outcome of every thought I have been thinking and every word I have been speaking for years about myself, and this world. They became my identity and I didn’t know when it happened.

For instance, I was making more mistakes at work and I didn’t know what made it happen. Later I realized that I had a belief about myself, “You are a duffer and always make mistakes.”

Changes I Have Seen Once I Released Old Patterns

The more mirror work I was doing, I was becoming aware of all the limiting patterns I needed to release. I started replacing them with positive affirmations. I would write every affirmation for hundreds of times in my notebook and say it to myself out loud and in my head until the old one dissolves completely. Gradually I could see changes in my life.

I would like to share a few of them:

My Self-Image Changed

I used to have a negative Self-Image for years.

What is Self-Image?

Self-Image is the way of looking at yourself, be it in a positive way or in a negative way.

I could see how my negative Self-Image changed because of regular Mirror work.

Self-Image is the way of looking at yourself

Now, whenever I go in front of the mirror and say to myself, “I love you. I really really love you.” I get the same response from within, “I love you too.” and I feel proud of myself for not giving up and starting loving myself unconditionally.

I Was No Longer Surrounded by Negative People

I Was No Longer Surrounded by Negative People

At work, I was surrounded by negative people who would make fun of my body and whatnot. I didn’t know how to get rid of them.

I have learned one beautiful affirmation from Louise Hay, “I always attract loving happy people.”

And she says that once you start using this affirmation and believe that It is possible. One thing will happen – those people won’t be there or you will leave that place.

I started saying this affirmation to myself out loud in front of the mirror and writing it many times on my notes. Might be you will find it odd, but it worked.

Positive people at work after I started Mirror Work

Gradually all negative people started leaving the organization. And I could see positive and supportive people in my life.

Felt a Deeper Connection With My Higher Self

The more I was practicing Self-Love, my life was becoming better day by day because I was able to take steps toward change such as I started meditating and praying. After a few months of Self-Love practice, I could feel a deep connection with God. 

Though I have had a deep faith in God since my childhood, I have never felt God’s presence within me before.

Deeper connection with higher self after I did Mirror work

Whenever I am at peace, I get answers to every problem I have. They appear in different forms such as calling someone, reading a book, watching any video, listening to any podcast, etc.

Everything I am doing today such as writing about my Self-Love journey on Instagram and Facebook and other social media platforms, this blog, writing poetry, happens itself whenever I am connected to my higher self. 

Everyone calls it different names such as God, The Universe, Soul, Intuition.

I Was Out of Debt

A few years back, I wanted to buy a camera but had a fearful pattern “What If I wouldn’t be able to clear the loan?” and that blocked me from buying the one.

I was out of debt because I release limiting patterns about debt by doing mirror work

And I have manifested debt not by taking a loan for the camera but by taking a loan to join the network marking business thinking I will be a millionaire in the next 3 years and I will buy a camera.

I went bankrupt in 6 months, let alone become a millionaire.

I started using the following affirmations to myself several times a day:

I am so grateful to the universe for all the money that I have been given throughout my life that I can buy anything, travel anywhere in the world, eat and drink anything. I have cleared all my debts.”

My work is well-compensated and appreciated.

I am a magnet for money and money flows to my life in a very abundant way from expected and unexpected sources.

My income is constantly increasing.

Gradually people showed up in my life who paid my PG bills, credit card bills, and I had a new job that helped me to clear all other loans I had.

Got My Second Job

When I was in my last organization, I learned a new skill and wanted to get into a project where I could utilize the skill I learned. I sent my resume to almost 20 people, but everyone rejected me saying, “You don’t have enough experience in the skill we are looking for.”

Rejections from jobs
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I thought to apply for a new job, but I was getting rejection after rejection. I got 8 rejections in a row.

One day I sat down with myself and started asking myself a question, “What is the limiting belief I have that is blocking me from getting a new job?”

I opened the Keep Notes app on my phone and started writing old patterns and replacing them with new ones.

Old patterns – “I can’t get any job, because I don’t have enough experience. I was rejected by so many people, how can other companies consider me for the job profile I have been looking for last 2 years in my current organization?”

New patterns – “I deserve the Best Job in the best organization and I just need to have knowledge of the particular skill.
“I am so grateful to the universe for a new job in the best organization where people love, trust, support, and respect me.”

I have written them on a sticky note and repeated them over and over again to myself and visualized how I felt after I got the job, how my parents and my manager (in the last organization I always considered him my best friend, not a manager) was congratulating me.

By repeating and visualizing, I released the old pattern completely. Within one week, I have got an interview call and got selected.

I Moved to a New Place

After I got my second job, I decided to move to a place nearby my office.

Moved to new house once I released the fearful pattern that was stopping me from moving.

My mind came up with “What If” reasons about why I shouldn’t move.

  • What if people are not good in that area where your office is located?
  • What if you won’t get a good place at a reasonable price?
  • What if you find a place far from the market and you need to travel every week to buy the necessary stuff?

I would sit down with myself and replace all “What If” questions with positive affirmations:

  • I have already got a place nearby my office that is full of positivity and peace.
  • I already got a place within my budget with all amenities.
  • I have got a place where all staff people including the owner are supportive.

And a few days later, when my mind was free of fearful thoughts, I called one of my friends who work with me in the same organization. He told me which area is safe and nearby the office. I did Google, called the owner, and shifted there the very next day. I love that place because it is full of positive vibes and the staff is really supportive.

Forgiving Myself and My Father

Forgiving is not a gift to someone else. Forgiving is your gift to yourself.

Jonathan Lockwood Huie
Mirror work gave me the courage to forgive myself and my father
Images Credits:

My father loves me unconditionally but doesn’t love my mother she deserves.

I just hated him for that for years, though I never express it that way, but was in emotional pain and needed to forgive and accept him the way he was because no one taught him how to behave as a woman in a loving way.

I have shared in my previous blog how I was able to forgive myself for my past mistakes and my father for not being a good husband.

Final Thoughts

Mirror work is not for a few days, but a lifetime practice.

The more mirror work you do, you will start feeling good about yourself.

It will be easy for you to love yourself more to know more and to do the things right for you to write your story yourself instead of allowing someone to write it for you.

To know more about Self-Love Mirror work in detail, check Mirror Work: 21 Days to Heal Your Life book by Louise Hay.

If you enjoyed this post, feel free to share it with your friends on social media and realize to them that they don’t need to allow their old story to control their life and block them from living the best life they want to live.

With Love and Gratitude,

Sarbjeet Kaur

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