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Hey! I am so grateful to you for visiting my blog. Let me tell you a little about me and my journey from depression to Self-Love.

This is Sarbjeet Kaur. Who I am today because of the Universe, who gave me the courage to change myself and made me capable of sharing my journey with you to make you realize that you are enough and loved. You have a purpose here, and you have the power within you to live that. You can call that power with any name, be it the Universe, God, Soul, Higher Self. Self-Love is the only way to connect to that power and make your life work.

My Journey From Depression to Self-Love

Me Before Self-Love

I was in depression for a few years back, and I was the person ⇒

  • Who hated herself every single day and beat herself up upon making any mistakes
  • Who compared herself with other girls and thought she is not beautiful
  • Who thought she is lagging behind
  • Who was called “Tomboy” at work
  • Who thought she is different and doesn’t belong to this world
  • Who thought she is not good enough for anything in her life
  • Who never trusted anyone because she thought no one is trustworthy
  • Who always had suicidal thoughts in her mind

The Turning Point

One day something happened that has never happened before. I went in front of the mirror and looked into my eyes. The words that came out of my mouth shocked me, “This is not you, this is someone else.” I didn’t want to be the same person, because I knew that I am here for a purpose. I can’t waste my life in depression.

I started praying for change. “Please God, change me. I don’t know how and why”. I believe prayer is the most powerful weapon in the world.

“When you want something, the whole universe conspires in order for you to achieve it.” Paulo Coelho

A few days later, I came across one of Louise Hay’s books, You can heal your life. She says, “The words you speak and thoughts you think, create your future.”

I didn’t believe in that until I realized that the person I was, at that moment, was the result of thoughts and beliefs I had. And those thoughts and beliefs were not mine, but someone instilled in me and I believed, and I was living them.

The New Me After Self-Love

Once I released all limiting patterns, I could see changes in every area of my life. The way I talk to myself changed. I have found what I love to do and started doing it, such as writing poetry, writing about Self Love, photography. I am surrounded by positive and loving people who accepted me the way I am. I express myself without any manipulation.

In December 2017, I have had vibes, “Sarbjeet, please start sharing your Self-Love journey. This world really needs you.” and I created an account @selfloveisthepower on Instagram after a lot of struggles with my mind that tried me not to listen to my vibes.

I have worked with over 10 people who contacted me on Facebook, YouTube, in person from different backgrounds such as students, homemakers, professionals, etc. and they are out of depression and living their purpose.

It wasn’t an easy journey, but full of tears, efforts, patience, and faith. God has lifted me every time I wanted to give up, and today I am here sharing my self-love journey with you.


My mission is to teach people Self-Love and save them from committing suicide just because they think no one likes them, and they are not good enough, and help them realize their purpose of being in the world. 

If you are the one who has been going through a lot and lost hope in life. I would like to remind you that you don’t need to go through all this alone. Let me serve you.

What People Say About Us

I met Sarbjeet Kaur at my last organization in 2018, where I started a Self-Love journey with her. I was so down and was feeling guilty about myself, because I was rejected by the girl who I liked. She made me realize that I don't need to feel guilty or bad about myself, because that choice was made by that girl, it doesn't mean he is not good enough. Now I am happily married. I started living my hobbies such as Guitar and writing poetry along with my job. I thought it was never possible, because I always thought that no one would read them, but people loved my work since I started sharing my poetry on Instagram @just_luv_yourself. I am so grateful to her for making a difference in my life.
Sagar Goswami
Sagar Goswami
IT Employee, Poet
I am so grateful to the universe for sending Sarbjeet Kaur to my life when I was in need. I met her on Facebook. I was in confusion and didn’t know what to do in my life. After I talked to her, I felt wonderful. She has taught me Self Love and how to make my own affirmations. I started practicing Self-Love every day. Gradually I started noticing changes in my life. I started appreciating myself, I have never done before. I changed the way I talk about myself. Now I am so happy and satisfied with my life, because my relationship with my in-laws improved. I have started my own YouTube channel, “Neetha’s Kitchen”. I started taking care of my health and learn something new every day. Who I am today because of her. May the universe bless you with everything!
Neera Suman
Neera Suman
Home Maker, YouTuber
Hello, My name is Bhushan Gawande. I am from Maharashtra and I am 21yr old. Sarbjeet Kaur mam, I wanted to say to you that Thank you so much for offering such a wonderful and valuable experiences through your YouTube videos to peoples like me. You are a great coach and I deeply value the time we have spent together virtually and the progress you have helped me make in my life. Thank you, mam, from the bottom of my heart.
Bhushan Gawande
Bhushan Gawande
I have been following Sarbjeet ma'am from a long time. Initially, I saw her on YouTube as I liked her aura, it is calming, and her efforts were amazing. At that time I was weak, and I didn’t know anything about Self-Love, but now when I have seen her all videos regularly. Now I am very strong, because now I love myself and I don’t care what other people say to hurt me, because for me my mental well-being is more important than anything. Today, I am able to take care of myself only because of the explanation I got of Self-Love from my favorite speaker on YouTube and Instagram. The best thing I liked about her is that all the other speakers do it for money and have selfish motives, but there is one with no motives and she is Sarbjeet ma'am.
Pawan Singh Rawat
Pawan Singh Rawat
Student, Artist
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