The Best Self-Love Lessons I Have Learnt From a Bird in 3 Days

This is the photo I have taken when I was making Miracle sleep. She has taught me the best Self-Love lessons in my life.

I believe when we are ready to learn, the Universe chooses different ways to teach us the lessons we need to learn to have more Self-Love in our life. In my case, the universe has chosen a bird called White-cheeked barbet.

Day 1 – 13th October 2021, Wednesday

Where Did I Meet Miracle?

While coming back from the walk in the morning, I found an injured bird by the road. I thought it was artificial, but when I went closer, I found this was an actual bird. She could not fly.

I asked for others’ help. Someone said that this bird is wild. One guy picked her up and handed it to me. I couldn’t see her in that condition and took her with me home.

Miracle was found injured by the road

Where to Find a Cage?

I came home, but was afraid of the fan in my room in case that bird flies and gets hurt again. I took her with me to buy a cage.

It was 9:30 am. Someone helped me find a shop where I can buy a cage. When I arrived, the shop wasn’t open yet. I asked the person upstairs, “Could you please tell me when will this shop open?”

Person: “Around 10:30 am.” I decided to stay at that shop until the shop opens. The shopkeeper came, and I bought the cage for her.

Found a cage for Miracle to save from hurting herself

I came back home. Nearby the lift, I met a girl named Madhu who loves animals too. She also has a dog at home, and I have taken her number in case I need any help. Suddenly Shivani also came and she named this bird “Micky” before I changed it to “Miracle”.

We Have Taken Miracle to the Hospital.

I couldn’t see Miracle struggling to fly and I texted Madhu on WhatsApp, Miracle is trying to fly, but she couldn’t. I think something is wrong with her legs.” She asked if I needed any help.

It has been raining heavily since evening. It was around 7:45 pm and we went to the hospital. The doctor has investigated and prescribed her antibiotics.

He said, “Nothing is wrong with her legs. She is just weak, hence not able to fly. She will be fine by tomorrow and you can give her something to eat like meat, sunflower seeds.”

We thought of buying seeds from the shop where we bought the cage. We went to them and they said, “This bird eats fruits only. You don’t need to give her meat. You can buy tomatoes, apples, guava and she will be fine.”

What Happened at Night?

It was hard for me to understand what she wants.

  • Does she want water?
  • Does she want to fly?
  • Does she want something to eat?
Miracle was in the cage and she was so sad that I didn't understand what she wanted and I was hoping to give her voice to express her pain.

After giving her medicine, I could see changes in her. She was recovering. She started eating. I have given her guava. She couldn’t eat herself so I needed to feed her.

I think something was wrong with her digestive system as well. Immediately after she eats or drinks water, she pees.

She couldn’t sleep, and she was trying to fly in the cage. I couldn’t sleep either. She pees every 15 minutes and wakes me up to clean her. Whenever I was in deep sleep, I woke up by her wings and wiped her.

Day 2 – 14th October 2021, Thursday

What Did Morning Look Like With Miracle as a Mother?

Having her seems like having a baby. I was playing the role of mother in her life. In the morning, before I think about myself brushing and having breakfast. I made her breakfast of fruits and gave her syrup. Once she slept, I went to brush, had a bath, and finally got my breakfast.

How Was the Second Night?

The second night was the same as the first. She couldn’t sleep at night. I played hummingbird music on YouTube. She imagined herself at her home and was trying to fly again, but couldn’t.

I couldn’t see her and took her out of the cage. I was using affirmations to make her sleep (maybe you are thinking how can birds understand affirmations), “The Universe has your back. The Universe is Miracle’s source. The Universe is Miracle’s strength. Miracle is never alone. She is always safe.”

Miracle and me were sleeping together on bed. I didn't want her to sleep on the floor in cold.

After having dinner and syrup, she slept on the floor. She was feeling cold. I made her sleep with me on the bed. After some time again she woke up because she peed.

I cleaned her up and again kept her on the floor until she slept so that I could make her sleep on the bed again. The entire night I couldn’t sleep and neither did she.

Day 3 – 15th October 2021, Friday

We couldn’t see any improvement, because she wasn’t able to fly. I couldn’t see her struggling like this. She doesn’t have a voice in her mouth to tell me about what pain she was going through. We went to another vet. I packed food and tissues for her in case she feels hungry on the way.

The Hardest Decision I Had Made in My Life

In the morning, I and Madhu went to another vet. When he examined, he said, “One of her legs fractured. They can’t treat her, because she is a wild animal. She won’t be able to survive with humans. You have to hand her over to wild animals NGOs who take care of wild animals.”

He has given us the contacts of NGOs and Bannerghatta Zoo in Bangalore.

Upon hearing this I burst into tears. It seems I was losing my baby. I fell in love with her when I met her on 13th October. I didn’t want her to go anywhere until she recovers.

But I didn’t want her to struggle in the cage, because she belongs to the sky. We have decided to hand her over to the right people. We have called the NGO called People for Animal wild hospital and they have asked us to meet them. On the way, we will hand over Miracle to them.

It was the rainy season in Bangalore. We tried to book a cab, but it did not work.

After some time we saw someone coming towards us and asking us if we needed help. He was a cab driver and took us to the place where we met the People for Animals guys and handed over Miracle to them.

We came back home. I was missing her. It was really hard for me to forget the time I have spent with her.

At the same time, I was feeling grateful to the universe for meeting the right people to take care of her to give her a new life.

After 2 weeks, Miracle completely recovered and People for Animals has released her to her habitats.

After 2 weeks, Miracle completely recovered and People for Animals NGO has released her to her habitats.
Image Credit – Rehman Abubakr

The Self-Love Lessons I learned from Miracle

I believe the universe sends people or animals or things to our life at the right time when we need a lesson. Miracle showed up in my life when I needed to learn about what is unconditional love?

During those 3 days with Miracle, I learnt a few most important lessons that changed my life and made me realize the right way to love myself without any conditions.

  • You must be your first priority, becuase if you don’t take care of yourself, you can’t take care of others.
  • We need to give ourselves what we need and whenever it is possible, however most of the time we ignore ourselves. For instance, You know you need to eat or go to the restroom, but you don’t go and that is not Self-Love.
  • Mothers need to take care of themselves the way they take care of their children. They are always available for them no matter how their own life is going on.
  • Love yourself unconditionally no matter you are going through good days or rough days. Don’t put conditions for getting your own love.
  • Accept every part of you whether it is good or bad and be there for yourself to improve.
  • We start serving without expecting anything in return. Since 20th October, I have started feeding stray dogs everyday in the morning.

Feel free to share your Self-Love lessons in the comments below if you have any.

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  1. Thank you so much. To share this story with us. It makes me emotional. i can relate to this story. and yes universe is everything and it’s teaching a lesson to us to be kind and helpful to everyone. Thank you so to you for sharing with us

  2. Thanks to your blog I could re-live that day again. Thankyou for bringing her into my life and giving the chance to make a difference in her life.

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