Why Choosing Me as Your Self-Love Coach Is Your Best Decision?

Self-Love is the only way to make our life work – be it a relationship, career, spiritual life, physical, mental, or emotional health. If you don’t love yourself, you won’t be able to decide what is best for you, but others will be deciding for you – a life of fears without any purpose and fulfillment.

Before I talk about WHY SelfLoveisThePower, let me share how choosing SelfLoveisthePower Life Coach changed my life 360 degrees I have never imagined it was possible.

Who Am I?

This is Pujitha from India. I was married in August 2019. After 1.5 years, my husband passed away and I was all alone with my 1-year-old daughter. My in-laws didn’t accept me and threw me out of the house.

I wanted to remarry to give the best to my daughter and I don’t want her to miss the love of a father. My parents started looking for a guy. After a few months, I married a wonderful man who accepted me and never judged me for my past.

The best day of my life
The Best Day of My Life

My in-laws didn’t accept me. My mother-in-law always used to shout at me and take work like I was a servant and my father-in-law never respected me and he tried to abuse me sexually.

I started doubting myself that I am not good enough for their love. They are not accepting me because they think that I was the reason behind my first husband’s death. I felt guilty for everything in my life.

I was stuck in negative patterns about myself and lost my way and didn’t understand what to do in my life and I was thinking about suicide.

How Did I Get To Know My Self-Love Mentor?

I was looking for a solution because I knew deep down inside that I can make things work. I believe when you have a deep desire, the whole universe conspires with you to get there.

One day I was scrolling through FaceBook and I saw the “4 Days Self-Love Workshop by Sarbjeet Kaur” Facebook Ad. When I read about her, I could relate to her life. I felt that I found the solution I was looking for. I immediately registered for the workshop. Today I am so grateful to the universe for giving me the courage to make the best decision of my life.

After attending those 4 days, I wasn’t the same person. I started practicing Self-Love and after a few weeks, I could see dramatic changes.

Today I love everything about myself and I feel worthy I have never felt before. The relationship I have with my in-laws improved a lot and they love and respect me. 

I created my own cooking YouTube channel and started my own Cake business.

What Did I Learn During 4 Days Self-Love Workshop?

Day 1

  • What Is Self-Love, and Why Is It Important for You?
  • Steps to Self-Love

Day 2

  • Understanding How Patterns Shape Your Habits and Actions?
  • Discovering the Mental Patterns That Limit You From Living the Best Life You Can.
    • Relationship Patterns
    • Work Patterns
    • Money Patterns
    • Patterns About Yourself
    • Patterns About the World You Live In.

Day 3

  • How to Break Patterns That No Longer Serve You?

Day 4

  • How to Create New Patterns to Make Every Area of Your Life Work the Way You Want?
  • Visualizations and Meditation


I believe Assignments give us an opportunity to slow down and do Self-Reflection to know more about ourselves and life. A course/workshop without assignments or an action plan doesn’t work, because if we don’t know what is holding us back, we can’t work on that, right?

Day 2 Assignment

Make a note of all the mental patterns you have about ▶️

  • Relationship
  • Work
  • Money
  • Yourself
  • The World You Live In

Day 3 Assignment

Figuring out what patterns are not going to serve you any longer.

Day 4 Assignment

Create new patterns and practice them through visualizations and meditations.

Meet Your Self-Love Coach

My Self-Love Coach

Sarbjeet Kaur is your Self-Love coach. She had been struggling with depression for years and wanted to end her life, but she decided to CHANGE and started her Self-Love journey because she knew she deserves LIFE, not DEATH.

She is a Robbins-Madanes Trained Life Coach and Board Certified Coach and has founded “SelfLoveIsThePower” with a vision to help you to know your Self-Worth and help you find your LIFE PURPOSE. She wants you to know that you are not what other people think YOU ARE.

She has worked with thousands of people from all around the world with different backgrounds such as students, homemakers, celebrities, professionals, mothers, etc. They loved the way she worked with them and the results they got from her work.

Final Thoughts

Why live a fearful and unfulfilled life when someone is there to show you the path to ABUNDANCE, PROSPERITY, LOVE, HAPPINESS, and PEACE?

If you are looking for someone to help you live a miraculous life, SelfLoveisThePower is the BEST choice for you.

I am a living example in front of you. If I hadn’t enrolled in the 4 Days Self-Love Workshop, I would not be here today sharing my experience with you. Maybe I would have committed suicide.

I can promise you that you will never regret choosing SelfLoveisThePower’s 4 Days Self-Love Workshop, but you are going to feel grateful to the universe the way I felt 🙂


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